Bed Lisa

Price: 45.000 din


Bed Georg

19.000 din


Sofa Palace

Price: 9.821din


Energy Memory

20.010 din


Bed De Lux

Price: 17.340 din


Bunk bed and mattresses

26.300 din


Bed Kan

Price: 16.499 din








We offer various types of mattresses and beds, and these are just some of the extras

Bed Lisa

68.000,00 рсд90.000,00 рсд

Bed Mona

75.000,00 рсд110.000,00 рсд

Sofa Doris

50.000,00 рсд

Sofa Doris je izrađena od punog drveta. U cenu je uračunata fioka ili krevet u krevetu. Krevet se izradjuje u beloj boji.

Bed Palace

The bed is made of solid wood-beech wood of first class. Head height 80cm, height 52cm. The head, foothills and side walls are made of 2cm thick wood. The mattress mattress (floor) is made of treated beech strips 4x2cm. Floors are included in the price. It can be ordered in several colors. The construction of the product is assembly demountable. There is a possibility of installing a drawer. It can also be ordered in all non-standard dimensions as well as in extra lengths 210 or 220cm. The mattress is not included in the price of the bed.