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Bed Filip

21,999.00 рсд34,000.00 рсд

Dimensions: 70/160 and 80/180. The price of the bed includes a drawer.

product description
The bed is made of solid wood-beech wood of first class. Height of the headboard is 75cm, the height of the foot is 60cm. The head, the foothills and the sides are made of wood of 2 cm thick. The mattress carrier (floor) is made of processed beech strips 4×2 cm. Floors are included in the price. It can be ordered in several colors. The construction of the product is assembly demountable. The price of the bed includes a drawer. The mattress is not included in the price of the bed.

Bed Laura

24,000.00 рсд32,000.00 рсд

Chest N – 7

6,900.00 рсд

Chest is made of solid-wood parquet beech first class. Dimension of height height 50cm, width 43cm, length 38cm.

Sofa Doris

50,000.00 рсд

Sofa Doris je izrađena od punog drveta. U cenu je uračunata fioka ili krevet u krevetu. Krevet se izradjuje u beloj boji.