Bed Palermo

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Kvalitetan, masivan i veoma izdržljiv krevet koji će sigurno trajati više decenija.Krevet je izrađen od punog drveta-parene bukve prve klase. Visina uzglavlja 80cm, visina uznožja 37cm. Uzglavlje i uznožje rade se od drveta debljine 2cm. Bočne stranice rade se od drveta debljine 2cm.Nosač dušeka (podnice) je napravljen od obrađenih bukovih letvica 4x2cm. Podnice su uključene u cenu. Može se poručiti u više boja. Konstrukcija proizvoda je montažno demontažna. Postoji mogućnost ugradnje fioka. Može se poručiti i u svim vanstandardnim dimenzijama kao i u ekstra dužinama 210 ili 220cm. U cenu kreveta nije uključen dušek.


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A high-quality, massive and very durable bed that will last for decades. The bed is made of solid wood-beech wood of the first class. Height of the headboard is 80cm, height of the foot 37cm. The head and foot are made of wood of 2cm thickness. The sides are made of wood thickness of 2cm. The mattress mattress (flooring) is made of processed beech strips 4x2cm. Floors are included in the price. It can be ordered in several colors. The construction of the product is assembly demountable. There is a possibility of installing a drawer. It can also be ordered in all non-standard dimensions as well as in extra lengths 210 or 220cm. The mattress is not included in the price of the bed.


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